Beachcomber Press

Started in 1955 by Richard A. Percoco, my father as a commercial printing company in
Sarasota, Florida. In 1963 I graduated High School and attended Manatee Jr. College, also
working part time in the print shop.

After 2 years of college I decided working full time printing is what I wanted to do so my
dad and I expanded the business to print NCR business forms throughout the country VIA
mail order. At this time there was no internet, most marketing was mail order.  I also had
to serve in the USNR as the Vietnam War was expanding and there was a draft. I served
active duty full time for two years in Norfolk, VA on the Destroyer Tender USS Sierra as a
Fire Control Technician.  Also getting married and having a baby girl to bring home.

Getting back to Beachcomber Press was always an objective, I resumed working plus went
back to school part time.  In a few years my dad retired and I became full owner of of the
business.  We had by now created a very large customer base all over the country with our
NCR forms business.  Working for 10 plus years until 1982 I decided to sell the printing business
and enter a new venture, Satellite TV Systems, which I did for the next 25 years, selling
Residential and Commercial Satellite TV systems all over the State of Florida, Central America
and Caribbean.    We morphed into a Direct TV Dealer when the small dish systems took over,
again selling system all over the USA VIA Internet.

Retiring in 1995 I have kept busy with other ventures always using the internet to promote and
sell.  I now have revamped the Beachcomber Press format into a Kindle Direct Printing
venture.  I also have a few other websites one of which is My Baby’s, marketing
on Pinterest.

Beachcomber Press is now designing books for children, horse owners and adults.  I hope you
enjoy our Free Downloads and will look over our KDP books for sale on Amazon.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy our published books.

Roaldo A. Percoco